Avalara Sales Tax Conference 2015

The Avalara Horizons 2014 symposium is in process of being rescheduled. Avalara will soon be announcing an expanded event which will take place in Seattle in May, 2015. Please utilize this website, www.salestaxhorizons.com for event updates. Thank you for your interest – we look forward to your participation at our rescheduled event!

BILLIONS of sales tax transactions processed.

MILLIONS of exemption certificates managed.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of sales tax returns filed.

BILLIONS of dollars in taxes remitted.

100+ countries around the world.


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“What’s more, the efficiencies gained at this ground level of commerce can have a ripple effect through the wider economy … That’s where specialists, such as Avalara, that relieve small businesses of ancillary tasks can serve as an accelerant.”
USA Today
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